EPS - The Ideal Sheet Steel
Eco Pickled Surface (EPS) is a replacement for hot roll, P&O, pickled dry and even cold rolled. EPS benefits for fabricators include:

  • Resists rust with no oil
  • Stronger welds with less welding fumes
  • Superior paint finish  and corrosion resistance

A growing number of OEMs and contract fabricators use EPS for products as diverse as truck frame parts to transformer cabinets, from farm equipment components to outdoor sign frames.
FSF is your source for EPS We're located near TMW, the inventor of the EPS process. Your hot roll sheets can get the EPS treatment then move 5 miles to us for fabricating.

You'll love EPS fabrications. They're ultra-clean, yet resist rusting with no oil. No more rust rejects or cleaning rusted parts for further processing.

EPS welds with less spatter and fumes. It's cleanliness allows you to eliminate shot blasting, lean out paint prep, but still get a great finish and superior corrosion resistance.
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"We proved EPS is rust resistant and obtained great salt spray test results."

Matt DeJong,
VP Operations
DeJong Manufacturing

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